Throne + TarLung + Salusa Secundus + Torn from Earth

Saturday, February 17, 2018 - 20:00

Ultraviolence Records proudly presents

Italy | doom | sludge
Throne was born in the 2012 under the influence of alcohol from the most disadvantaged bars. In the same year, the Italian combo hits the first full length "Avoid the Light" produced by Moonlight Records. The quintet combines sharp riffs, powerful and dark themes into a sludge-core look like Louisiana swamp, with doom and stoner pills to make it darked and depraveted.

TarLung - Band
Vienna | doom | sludge
TarLung first met in late 2013 through their love of amp worship, all things heavy and songs tuned low and played slow. In 2017 the band released the well anticipated "Beyond The Black Pyramid" in May via Black Bow Records.

Hungary | sludge | post metal
This atmospheric sludge / post metal band from Budapest has gorgeous swelling post-rock sections but it's also heavy enough to crush a city block.

Salusa Secundus
Vienna | doom | sludge
Take some spice and travel to Salusa Secundus, the riff-filled planet, where prisoners from countless galaxies at least have some decent music to listen to.