Toke + Year of the Cobra + Throes + Wild Arrow

Sunday, May 20, 2018 - 20:00

Ultraviolence Records proudly presents

USA | doom | stoner
Toke was born in the swamps of North Carolina in early 2014. A blend of doom, blues and riffs that will get anyone high and keep their head banging. Since day one, Toke have been touring, putting out albums and getting the country stoned on their strain of music. With the release of the most currently album ‘Orange’ the buzz is high and so is Toke. Unable to stay still for very long, much of the country has head banged with Toke playing 150+ shows and festivals including Doomed and Stoned Fest, Psycho Las Vegas and Denver Electric Funeral Fest!

Year of the Cobra
USA | doom | drum'n'bass
Since their inception in early 2015, Seattle based doom duo, Year Of The Cobra, has garnered a lot of attention. After being discovered by famed Pacific Northwest blog site Doomed and Stoned in early 2016, they started to amass a solid following.

Vienna | doom | sludge
Acclaiming the demise of time, accompanying noise with senseless rhymes, THROES are to our century what colours are to the eyes of the blind.

Wild Arrow
Vienna | stoner | doom rock
This band is Mountain Howl -1, so different band, but quite the same style of doom. To see what can be expected, you can listen to Mountain Howl.