Second Still + Iv/An

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 20:00

21h - Live: Iv/An
22h - Live: Second Still
after: dj set: Anaïs / Vague


Narrow (1998 - 2009)
Umrijeti za strojem (2006 - 2015)
I/II (2009 - 2015)

Second Still

Second Still is a three piece post-punk/coldwave band from Los Angeles, CA. Combining the definitive sounds of French coldwave with the unconventional time signatures of No Wave, then layering that hybrid with hauntingly beautiful vocal melodies, Second Still crafts a sound soaked in nostalgia but also one that marches onwards towards the future.

Their self-titled LP, which was released April 7th 2017 on Manic Depression, is an aggressive beast, an eight-song collection of unrelenting post-punk anthems. The record could count a lot of positive reactions and took the band to Europe for the first time.

A 5 track EP named “Equals” is the follow up to their self-titled LP. It will be out April 20th 2018 on Weyrd Son Records.

The intertwining of the hallow, crystalline guitar riffs and the goth-rock bass lines create a chilling soundscape, and the calm vocals are almost sinister in their delivery, teasing us to come a little closer.
The Revue (on ‘Strangers’)

The eight track album is cohesive, intelligent, and nostalgic art.
Impose Recover, the debut single and lead-off track from Second Still‘s upcoming self-titled LP, leaps straight for the throat and doesn’t let go for nearly five minutes.

A cohesive, intelligent, evocative work of art, Second Still is the post-punk masterpiece that has been missing from your record collection.
She Makes Music