Przepych + UZS

Friday, September 14, 2018 - 20:00

UZS’s music is a fusion of post-punk, new wave and cold wave aesthetics. The trio’s pieces are based on sounds that are sharp and cool at the same time. Stripped-down rhythmical patterns driven by hectic bassline and despotic drum pad overlap with guitar cutting through, minimalist old-school keyboard and two chanting vocals, which draw on the 80’s,
making reference to neue deutsche welle and British punk rock offspring, as well as Polish artists associated with Stilon Gorzów label. The latter is especially due to the lyrics in Polish, both critically reflexive and humorous, commenting on social reality in terse understatements.

The band formed in mid-2013 and has published their debut LP and CD on *Antena Krzyku* during 2015. The album and their concerts is receiving good reviews both in in and outside the country.

In April 2015 *Maximum Rock'n'Roll* has included their album in the list of the best new releases. In august the band has performed on *OFF Festival* - independent music festival in Katowice - both on its stage and on the special video session made for polish independent musicians by *KEXP* radio from Seattle.

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The understandable reaction to redundancy is asceticism. While the tyranny of minimalism is resisted by liberating forces of excess (splendor; lavishness; *germ*. der Pracht; *rus*. слава; *fr*. sumptuosite; *pol*. przepych).

Przepych explores their own manual limitations by reducing technique to its minimum and stretching the form to the necessary maximum. Using smallest available means they aim at maximizing expressive power. In the course of collective work their compositions feed a musical dialogue in order to rescue the human element in them. Sometimes it is sweat and tears that prevail and sometimes it is the thought and moderation.

Although Wroclawian duo uses typical rock instruments and sound, they avoid referring to typical rock or post-rock structures; instead, guitars and drums as tools of composition owe a lot to syncretic Rock in Opposition scene, funk-hitting no wave, and post-punk that wished to turn its own limitations into unlimited space. Przepych is a response to these endeavors.

Typical rock line-up instruments, enriched by samplers are handled by band members of the following formations: *Kurws*, *Norymberga*,
*Pustostany*, *Ukryte Zalety Systemu*.
Apart from mentioned ones Przepych is another one of many bands that rehearse at *CRK Salka*, an environment of musicians and place inside DIY social-cultural center CRK in Wroclaw (PL).

Since 2015 the band has toured numerous countries of Europe. In May 2016 they performed live broadcasted show in the studio of cult *Radio Student* in Ljubljana. July 2017 is when the band has recorded in Tranzystor Studio in Wroclaw their debut album which was afterwards produced in *Dalek Studio* in Messina (IT) by *Claudio La Rosa* and Przepych. The album is planned to be
released by September 2018.

live performance in Barcelona in May 2017: