Crypt Trip + Mind Control + Liquid Earth

Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 20:00

Ultraviolence Records proudly presents

Crypt Trip
USA | heavy rock | psych
The first incarnation of the band had a heavy psychedelic sound that was reminiscent of a dark nineteen seventies underground. Taking influence from aged rock records, jazz methodology, and their cultural roots in the cosmic American South, their music presents you with a genuinely personal experience. Their new album, “Haze County”, sonically and lyrically explores the complexities of space and time and then brings you back down to the very Earth you’re made of.

Mind Control
Wien | classic rock | psych
Proggy at times, psychedelic throughout, and heavy groove oriented to melt your mind with riffs.

Liquid Earth
Vienna | heavy psych | stoner
Heavy stoner doom meets funky psychedelic rock. You probably already know them and if not, go for it!