Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 20:00

An evening of diverse music in an unexpected Venue! Freie Spende!

Abigail Gower (Two For Joy) and Sara Lalaj
An accordion and violin duo playing their own music and interpretations of music you might recognise including folk, tango, pop, broadway, jazz, and much more, all the while swept away by the infectious love and fun.

The Fallen Dada Empire
Grown out of a encounter by chance, The fallen Dada Empire is a three piece that finally decided to show off some serious Riffage on Stage. Their sound could be described as "Progressive Stoner-Gaze" because since they couldn`t decide whether they are ripping off Mogwai or Kyuss, they decided to simply do both, at the same time.

Mira is the band of Mira Perusich, playing sophisticated songs led by her expansive voice, commanding piano playing and lyrics telling stories you want to hear more about ;)
Check out this video (it's awesome!).

Throughout the evening there will also be tunes spun by our friend Paul Poser who's a bit handy with his decks :)