Neighbours Burning Neighbours + Sinks + Deathdeathdeath

Sunday, February 9, 2020 - 20:00

Neighbours Burning Neighbours
this is what happens when four seasoned veterans of the rotterdam underground decide to go on a new musical endeavour. from melancholic dreaminess to distorted and noisy chaos. bitter sweet in some form? yes! with vocals bouncing back and forth between the two singers (and guitarists) the music receives an interesting conversational element. backed by a rumbling rhythm section, we're super excited to see their often-praised and energetic live performances in vienna!

the freshest and freshest stuff from the neighbourhood, we're super excited to have them in vienna for the first time. the noisy guitar combined with an extremely tight and driving rhythm section creates an incredible blend. topped by an extremely charismatic frontman. gogogooood

is the viennese multimedia artist Fazo, who roams the eclectic sound utopias as drummer, producer, illustrator and author via experimental trip hop. in his live performances he works with his tape machines and cassettes and melts them with vocals and visuals. resulting is an immersive sphere full of warmth. probably the best way to end a sunday evening full of noise
listen to his new single with the incredible alicia edelweiss:
ft. baits: