Escuela Grind + Six-Score + Die Mittagspausenband

Tuesday, July 12, 2022 - 20:00

ESCUELA GRIND - three piece riotgrrrl + 1 grind from US
"Whether you call what Escuela Grind does "power violence" or grindcore," there's no doubt the music the quartet creates together is pure fucking mayhem. Comprised of musicians who have also played in such bands as Kill the Client, Hearse, and Creator/Destroyer, the group brings to mind the fast hardcore punk of the Slap a Ham Records and 625 Productions catalogs, all pushed through a focused delivery that keeps the attack on point.
Escuela Grind started in Ithaca, NY, back in 2016, as a three piece. Only one member of the band was actually from Upstate New York. Katerina and Jesse had just moved north, and we started Escuela Grind in response to the lack of grindcore bands in Ithaca at the time; we just wanted to jam really. We took heavy influence from classics like Napalm Death, Infest, Crossed Out, Terrorizer, and Despise You, as well as bands like Parlamentarisk Sodomi and Wormrot. The goal was to make simple, catchy grind-violence."

SIX-SCORE - HC-Grind, they also call it False Grind (FFO: Nasum, Converge, Rotten Sound, Afgrund, Napalm Death, The Arson Project, Implore, Gadget)
SIX-SCORE makes not that typical Grindcore. They are putting Hardcore, Punk, Crust, Death-Black-Doom-Metal, political oldschool Grindcore and different style elements from classical genres you wouldn’t have thought of using in heavy music, into a grinder. With this combination SIX-SCORE is creating a genre which is brutal and catchy at the same time and their songs and song-structures create tensions until the people’s anger will turn into positive energy. That’s why the audience at the concerts constantly freaks out and has a really good time.
But without a professional approach, this balancing act would not be possible. All band members are experienced musicians. They are or were part of recognized (but probably underrated) bands like Implore, Verrat, Boredom, Pasty Clan and Discure...
In February 2020 the band has released a 7” split Vinyl with the mighty Grindcore-band CONVULSIONS from Spain, in cooperation with a bunch of diy-labels. And some gigs and festivals are already confirmed for 2022. See you there and enjoy this band! Grindcore is protest!

Die Mittagspausenband - Powerviolence/Fastcorepunk with Deutschpunk attitude - oiapadoia
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