Egg Idiot + F.E.I.D.L. + Szene Putzn

Saturday, May 14, 2022 - 20:00

Classic punk rager at Venster 99 comin' at you EGG IDIOT from Leipzig and his minimalist (and fucking great) Egg Punk weirdness combined with the fierce and humorous punk by two of our Austrian favourites: F.E.I.D.L. & SZENE PUTZN
If that's not enough, Kollektiv Kaorle is bringing an afterparty to Venster - heavy and grimy electronic music (DJs TBA hehe)
And as we're super cool and super multidisciniplinary, artist Martina Moro is doing an intervention before the Egg Idiot show - and maybe something for you to play with too (not Egg Idiot)
SO: Now we've got a concert, a party, visual arts..what's missing? Oh yeah, a table tennius tournament, of course. Kollektiv Kaorle + friends is doing their annual table tennis tournament at T├╝rkenschanzpark - open for everybody to join. We're the official afterparty to that Only condition: You're not allowed to drink anything except water and Schwechater Bier at the tournament.




Poster by Lukas Marti (drawing & idea) and Michael Fischer (layout)

Yup, that's it.
Doors: 20:30
Start: 21:30