Frenetic Trio + Cromulents

Saturday, September 3, 2022 - 20:00

Wrecking and Rolling European Tour!

"From the death metal psychobilly scene of Brazil the Frenetic Trio is the kind of psychobilly band that will make most traditional rockabillies sick to their stomachs. Hard, loud, pounding psycho with growled vocals and driving voodoo rhythms. For fans of Motörhead, Pagan Dead, Mad Mongols, Os Catalépticos and Cannibal Corpse. PSYCHO!!!"

are an austrian street punk band from Hallstatt/Ebensee. Formed about one year ago of members from other wellknown austrian punk bands. They play true Streetpunk with clear antifascist lyrics. The first EP is recorded since February 2022 and will be out soon!