Bog + Maunra + Thosar

Friday, September 9, 2022 - 20:00

After 4 years of crafting their vision of transdental yet riff-worshipping Post-Metal the dudes in Maunra are finally able to unleash their first full length "Monarch". A journey between the realms of darkness and light is lying ahead!

We are more than happy to welcome our special guests:
This Band could be probably described as Vienna's Post-Metal institution. BOG provides a variety of dark, atmospheric melodies and monolithic powerful riffs! Consonance and dissonance go hand in hand with deft changes between silence and harshness and shape their unique sound.
Have you ever wondered how much of a sound you could get out of just drums and bass? Well, the sludgy duo in THOSAR just proves that there are no more instruments needed to bulldoze a whole venue!

The entrance fee is on a "pay as you wish" basis!
Hope to see a lot of familiar faces to celebrate our release with you!