JOGGER + Lip Tower

Thursday, December 1, 2022 - 20:00

With lofi sounds and scratchy guitar riffs, Jogger is the new project of Florian Nikolai from Berlin. His debut album "BRD Noir" is a heady mix of wistful Neue Deutsche Welle quirkiness and angular Post-punk urgency, that leads us to a fictional pub which opens up a place where we are all welcome, where diversity and free thinking determine coexistence. Here we are as we are, always wanted to be and never have been.

Stoked we could win Andi Dvorak's latest project for a first performance in Vienna! Expect: short numbers, short set, just the way we like it. The three-member formation consists of two Lime Crush members (Nicoletta, Andi) and Philipp (Dot Dash, Bruch).