Belgrado + Mala Herba + The Damski

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 - 12:30

We're excited to announce one of the highlights of this years noir program, children of the night, dancers in the dark, get ready for:

Six years have passed since Barcelona post-punk act BELGRADO released their last album and the Barcelona-based band is back with their fourth full length. A lot has happened in the band, and they have evolved into a new BELGRADO, with a new line up (Louis Harding from FATAMORGANA takes care of bass duties now) and switched to electronic backing tracks along the way. Mutating into a band with a new sound that manages to keep their trademark sound alive.
The new BELGRADO is more ethereal, cold, experimental, bouncy, and extremely addictive. With one boot firmly set in their trademark gelid post punk, they dance with the other between minimal wave, dub and even Italo Disco. Finding their own terrain inside an imaginary planet where TURQUOISE DAYS, PALE COCOON, FAMILY, KUKL, KING TUBBY, SIEKIERA, and NEW ORDER reign supreme.
11 years on from their first inception, the band proves yet again that there is a reason why they are one of the forerunners of a genre. Having toured as far as Australia, Japan, Brazil, and after releasing four perfect albums the band is more popular than ever.

Mala Herba is a solo project of sound artist and queer music activist Zosia HoĊ‚ubowska. Based on traditional music, magic, and demonology of Eastern Europe, Mala Herba's performances are sonic rituals. The music draws from darkwave and minimal synth- wave but sometimes the melody cracks, the voice becomes a magic spell and the song transforms into a noise soundscape. Polyrhythmic pulsations are stacked on top layers of harsh noise and processed archival samples and then arpeggiated bass kicks in again and the music oscillates between haunted italo-disco and EBM. After being featured on compilations by labels such as DKA, Exiles and Total Solidarity by Oramics, Mala Herba released their debut LP "Demonologia" on [aufnahme+wiedergabe] in January 2021, followed by a digital EP "Omnia Vanitas" with two remixes and two covers on the same label.

The Damski is the solo-project of Crystal Soda Cream drummer Theresa Adamski. Inspired by minimal synth and cold wave bands of the 80s, The Damski creates her own dystopian synth-phantasy. The musician is based in Vienna, Austria, where she is part of a small but creative and loyal scene. After being asked about creating her own music one too many times, in 2018 The Damski was born. She released her first piece of recorded music in 2019, a split cassette tape with Terz Nervorsa (Transformer Music & Wilhelm show me the Major Label). An album is in progress.
No Presale, Limited capacity.

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