Kara Delik + Ausländer

Wednesday, May 3, 2023 - 20:00

We welcome you to a special gathering of the weirdos with:
Kara Delik (Berlin / Everywhere)
Kara Delik combines driving yet complex rhythms, gritty basslines and hints of traditional Turkish folk music. Inspired by the Anatolian rock music of the 70's, German Krautrock and Punk of the 80s, and their diverse experiences in Berlin's lively off-culture. At times experimental, post-punk, with a touch of shoe-gaze, they bring a new perspective to alternative music in the city.
Kara Delik are Baris Öner - Saz/Vocals (previously Istanbul Ghetto Club), Andi Sommer - bass/synth/ vocals (Henry Fonda, Afterlife Kids, Yacht Communism), and Eilis Frawley - drums/vocals (Anika, Laura Lee & The Jettes, I Drew Blank). Coincidental kitchen encounters and the entanglements of the Berlin DIY scene brought them together in the summer of 2020, releasing their debut EP “Tamam” in 2022.
After a busy 2022 including support Shows for Minami Deutsch, Tropical Fuck Storm and 10000 Russos. Festivals like İç İçe/48h Neukölln, Grauzone and Entropie Festival and a first Tour through Germany and Switzerland, 2023 will see the release of the first two of a series of singles in February and April and a European Tour in Spring.
Ausländer (Wien / Everywhere)
..is a model of a social activity among people with the same or similar undestanding regarding society and music as a tool of communication, rather than following a typical musician/band format. Including collaborators and people from across different backgrounds, the Ausländer uphold the idea of a collective, based on philosophy of anarchism as mutualism, and the principle of associated communal work, distribution of activities, the examination of power positions, decision making, exchange of skills, experience and knowledge. Resulting in the group being recognized in the alternative music scene as unusual, whilst following through with high-energized punk, electro, noise, drone, and experimental genre with abstract vocals and dark perfomance appearances.

20:00 doors, 21:00 sharp start
bring your dance shoes.
the noirs.