Nürnberg + Скубут

Sunday, September 17, 2023 - 19:30

Children of the night, dancers in the dark, lovers of sovietwave:
join us for a sunday noir night extravaganza at our fav shithole

We are welcoming the amazing Nürnberg for the first time in Austria! One of the most promising newish (ex)soviet Post-Punk acts, and one of the leading belarus doomer acts. After already 4 breathtaking Records, they will embark on a 5 week Eurotour to present new material & old hits. Pack your boots, it's time to stomp!

The evening will be opened by "Скубут" [Skubut] - which is an 80's inspired solo darkwave/post-punk project by Ukrainian musician Mikhail Shliepin, based in Vienna. Known for songs like "Акт самоубийства" (Act of suicide), Скубут has reached many post-punk fans.
Cold but equally poignant, imbued with a dark, beautiful, aching sadness, it skillfully blends the sharp, angular iciness and minimalism ala Molchat Doma with the distinctive, intense melancholy and emotional turmoil of Ukrainian "doomer" bands.

19:30 doors, 20:30 livemusic sharp!
Limited capacity. Toxic guys stay at home.
the noirs.