Floralane + Resistant + Navré

Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 20:00

Floralane - Indie/Emo,
VIENNA-RELEASESHOW for their first Album "Feels Like Letting Go"

Floralane's an indie/emo band based in Salzburg and Vienna, Austria. The DIY four piece established in 2016 is put together by friends who've known each other since halfway through their teenage years.

All Floralane songs are 100% written and produced at Schall & Wahn Productions, a recording studio guitarist Christoph runs together with singer Daniel (Backwards Charm); Viktor (Stray Records, Knifelong) on the bass and Tobias on the drums make the bill complete.

'Feels Like Letting Go' is the first album by Floralane (having released only a four song demo back in 2016). In its own way, each of the ten songs deals with the understanding of hope as merely a future disappointment.

Music Video to the first song of "Feels Like Letting Go"
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1aNTheJ1qE&t=
-> https://floralane.bandcamp.com

Navré - Post-Hardcore, Spoken Word

Founded as a 2 man project in 2016, Navré focused heavily on spoken word and melodic hardcore.

It wasn't long until we realized that we would love to show our passion in live shows and started looking for a full set.

After many turns of events we finally found our full set, each person bringing their own influences into the equation resulting in the sound we've found for ourselves today. Varying from La Dispute, Touché Amoré and Hotel Books to more indie based sounds and even some post hardcore and screamo, everyone of us has their own style which we then mix together to create our own version of melodic hardcore.
-> https://www.facebook.com/NavreBand/

Resistant - Punk, Alternative

3 piece band from vienna, risen from the dead.
punk rock, ska punk, drunk punk ... you name it!

presented by Zirkon & GiGExtra

#Artwork by Sona Kharmandikian /www.instagram.com/allthesebatdays

TIMETABLE: +/- 15 min.

Navré - 20:40 - 21:20
Resistant - 21:35 - 22:15
Floralane - 22:30 - 23:15