WHIMM + Terz Nervosa + Ptr Lzrs

Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 20:00

Finally, in Vienna for a second (time), our canadian pals Whimm for sure know to dwell on the sharp, atonal edge of post-punk. Ominous, precise, emotionally & politically charged, iridescent aural textures creep through Whimm's moody groovers. This time appearing as a twosome, we 're really glad to have them back and get absorbed by their dark poetry and razor-sharp experimental whirls.

"Some call her Vienna’s queen of goth, even if Terz Nervosa herself is hesitant to put her name in a genre box. Still; with a minimalistic approach she depicts immersive, ominous and enigmatic ‘slow-fi’ atmospheres of bare gothic beauty. You can tell that Terz Nervosa draws her main inspirations from her own dreams (or rather: nightmares), and somehow those images find their way through the speakers. It’s an experiment as much as an execution."

Come forth (or weep!) – for you shall not miss this #debut: the Raising of Ptr Lzrs! Dispersion of boundaries, Lzrs can do it. Between …death & life? No, not this time! Much rather by disclosing a kaleidoscopic view on groovy dance music & abrasive punk attitude. Hypothermic, claustrophobic and for sure addictive.