Holy Serpent + Sativa Root + Tentacula

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 20:00

Ultraviolence Records proudly presents

Holy Serpent
USA | heavy psych rock | stoner
Formed in Melbourne in 2014 Holy Serpent released their self-titled debut through LA based label Riding Easy Recordsand meanwhile they have cemented their place in the Australian heavy music community, spreading their brand of psychedelic Shroom Doom in high dosage accross the country.

Sativa Root
Salzburg | doom | heavy psych | instrumental
A world created from the darkness of ourselves, the homogeneous perfection of the nature and the consequent discrimination of our community. All that and more surrounds the Band Sativa Root and consequences their motivation to create their special kind of music.

Linz | something between doom and surf
Everyone knows Cthulhu is a very doomy god, but sometimes you can see it surfing stoned down through the Nibelungenbr├╝cke.