Keno + Living Under Drones + Susi Molotow

Friday, August 30, 2019 - 20:00

Marie´S Gaze Booking presents

ΚΕΝΟ (το)
post-hardcore, post-punk, noise rock and post rock from Thessaloniki.
September '18 they have been touring around Greece and they are currently in the process of recording their first LP.

DEMO track :

Living Under Drones
noise/post-hardcore act from Greece
Last year they released their first LP and performed in various squats and diy concert venues abroad on a two-week European tour.

Live clip:

Susi Molotow

Raw & Political Punk from Vienna
What Susi said: "Since 2015 Susi Molotow makes professionally unprofessional DIY-Punk music. Since the beginning the equipment didn’t get much better – it’s as trashy as in those days – however, due to our yearlong experience we gained a phenomenal quantity of skills. Particularily we are faster! And faster is ALWAYS better!"

Check Susi´s Music out on bandcamp:

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