L.O.X. + Mope Grooves

Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 20:00


Featuring members of Woolen Men, Honey Bucket, and Mope Grooves, L.O.X is an exploded view of a community of artists in their hometown of Portland, OR. Their debut 12” LP on "See My Friends", L.O.X. Time reached beyond a non-existent online presence to garner heavy airplay on WFMU and stunned accolades from Maximum Rock and Roll, and is being licensed along with their forthcoming 2nd LP for a European release with Erste Theke Tonträger

"“I’m finding it hard to single out a particular moment, as it all works so well. “Mind Like A Brick” very nearly manages the same brand of agitated hypnosis that a late nite headphone deep-dive into The Faust Tapes would. That’s not to say this is an excercise entirely devoid of grooves or claws – it’s all there and you cling to it throughout. A wonderful outta-nowhere album, engaging and inspiring front-to-back”
--Mitch Cardwell, Maximum Rocknroll / Terminal Boredom



Since 2017, Mope Grooves has amassed a discography of 3 full length LPs, Joy, Vanished, and The Waves, and is preparing a fourth for their upcoming European tour. Part of a vibrant DIY scene in Portland, OR, Mope Grooves maintains a prolific output through their own local-only imprint See My Friends, which has releases by Honey Bucket, Woolen Men, Lithics, and L.O.X

"Mope Grooves’ Joy was one of 2017’s most beautiful and necessary albums. … Vanished is anything but a joyless dirge, though. Like Brian Eno in his 70’s prime, Pohlman is a tinkering magician who worries at the seams of the pop form to find the soft spots underneath"
--Chris Stamm, Portland Mercury


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