Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 22:00

"We're having a party tonight
Where everything will be alright
Come on, come on everyone
It's time that we should have some fun"

VIENNA ROOTIKAL - your #1 rootsdisco powered by High Noon Rockers - is back in its 8th season at good old Venster 99!!
Join us for a night of musical splendour and carefully selected ROOTS.DUB.REGGAE delivered on our handcrafted soundsystem.
Strictly vinyl, strictly vibes!

SA. 21.09.2019
Venster 99 - 22:00

"Time is short, so hear me man
Let's live the life the best we can
Don't try to work your soul away
Remember there's another day

We've got to live some life
Before we're old
We've got to live some life
before we're cold ..."
- - -
Heptones - Party Time