State Champion + FS Massaker

Friday, October 18, 2019 - 20:00

"Oddball roots music...[with] an abundance of surreal touches to both lyrics, instrumentation and production that consistently screw with yr sense buds. Quite winning. - The Bull Tongue (Byron Coley and Thurston Moore)"

If Bob Dylan was funny, if Tom Waits was relevant, Ryan might not be peerless at what he does best, which is writing large gregarious circles around his pitiful colleagues in the field. He's the best lyricist who's not a rapper going. - David Berman (Silver Jews)

Terrific, clever, funny, weird...I think this band is really kind of devastating. - Amanda Petrusich (The New Yorker, * Best of 2018)

FS Massaker
Blending high-energy Rock with Free Jazz and distorted crazyness into a fiercely turbulent and intensely cathartic improvised wall of sound this trio will blow your head off. Imagine a monster truck crashing full speed into a symphonic orchestra playing Mozart.