Soda & Gomorra

Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 20:00

Dear friends, musicians, music lovers and artists, the time has come to share our first album (LP 12", black, edition (200 copies) and tapes, white, edition (100 copies) with you! We take this opportunity to thank Tommy Jirku and Mikal Maldoror for arranging the songs, Florian Jauker and Alexander Vatagin for recording, Alexander Vatagin again for great final mixing and mastering and last but not least, designer Ivan Antunovic. Finally, we want to thank Mont House, Karl Jakob Hirnschal and TRANSFORMER for helping us to make such beautiful tapes. Your encouragement keeps us going.

Line up:

09:00 PM - Konzert: Distonacija
10:00 PM - Konzert: Die Fitten Titten
11:00 PM - Konzert: Soda & Gomorra + guests
01:00 AM - DJ-Set: Marie Cherie

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